About Musicale

Musicale – a very potted history

600 people pass through Musicale each week, and the shop has customers all over the world. We hope you will join us. Whether it be to supply a clarinet reed, or to book you in for Roundabouts, you can be sure that you will receive the very best of our attention and experience.

1977 – Started in Gill and David Johnston’s front room.

1978 – Rooms hired out in the High Street Methodist Church.

1979 – Private houses used for visiting trainers.

1982 – Harpenden Musicale performs at a packed Royal Festival Hall, London.

1983 – Harpenden Musicale opens a retail shop.

1984 – First Musicale Holiday outside Harpenden takes place in Salisbury.

1986 – Harpenden Musicale becomes Musicale PLC and moves everything under one roof, in the shape of a three-storey Edwardian house with concert hall attached, housing a three manual organ, all set in a beautiful garden.

1987 – Harpenden Musicale performs to a packed Barbican Hall, London.

1991 – Harpenden Musicale forms Lyons Musicale Ltd and acquires the license to manufacture and distribute the Lyons C Clarinet worldwide.

1992 – Harpenden Musicale performs again at the Barbican Hall, London.

1993 – Harpenden Musicale starts a Primary Schools’ Peripatetic Instrumental Scheme.

2000 – After 14 wonderful years with a board of directors ‘anyone would give a million dollars for‘, Gill and David Johnston buy out their shareholders and move the whole operation to Homecroft, a derelict group of buildings on the edge of the St George’s School site. After a complete renovation, the building houses 12 music rooms, 3 offices, a library, a storage facility and the shop.

2010 – Harpenden Musicale renews its lease with St George’s School and continues its unique partnership with the school, which includes providing a peripatetic service for the school’s pupils, and also hiring the school’s facilities and boarding houses for the Musicale Young Artists’ Programme and Summer Holiday Music Leisure.

2012 – Special Olympics celebratory piece written especially for the Musicale Summer Courses by Paul Harris.

2014 – Musicale increases its music programme for Adults by establishing an Adult Band and an Adult String Group.

2015 – The Johnstons and the Marriotts prepare for the 30th anniversary of their NCWCO charity