Trial & Purchase Scheme

The Scheme

The simplicity of the scheme for busy parents has been the key to its success.

Because there are so many good instruments available today, we have simplified the choice for busy parents by offering what we consider to be the ‘best value for money’ student instruments on the market.

We are also very pleased that many adults are using our scheme to ‘have a go’.

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How It Works

Pay 10% of the purchase price (plus optional delivery of £12), and have the use of the instrument for a four month trial period.

At the end of the trial period, you have three options:-

  1. Buy the instrument outright, taking advantage of a 10% discount on the remaining balance.
  2. Pay the remaining balance in twelve equal monthly instalments.
  3. Return the instrument in good order with no further obligation. 
See What’s On Offer

String Instrument Hire

The hire period is for a minimum of one month.

We have the following sizes available: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4 and you can change the size any time during a hire period.

Violins are £9 per month, Violas £16 per month, Cellos £24 per month. Delivery is £8 violins, £10 violas, £20 cellos or you can collect from the shop.

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Taster Sessions

Customers who are able to travel to Harpenden can take advantage of our one to one instrument taster sessions.

Many budding instrumentalists are not quite sure what to take up and our taster sessions allow them to try any instrument they want before making their mind up with the help of our experienced assistants.

The session costs £15 but this is waived if the Musicale Instrument Trial and Purchase Scheme is used.

All instruments are inspected and tested before delivery.

Please note: This is not a hire or rent scheme. All payments go towards the customer’s purchase of their chosen instrument.

The youngest age for a taster session is 7 and there is no age limit – so adults, now is your chance to fulfil your secret dream!