The Musicale Eisteddfod

String, guitar, woodwind, brass, piano and ensemble classes for all age groups and abilities. Adults, there is a class for you!
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What is it?

Entry is open to anyone who would like to have the opportunity of performing to the best of their ability in an informal concert setting.

Why 'Eisteddfod'

Because anyone who has attended an Eisteddfod will have been struck by the fun atmosphere and enjoyment of performing, while taking part in a competition.

When Is It?

The Next Eisteddfod will be held in December 2016 at the Musicale.

The Recital and Concerto Classes

Incorporate the very popular Musicale Young Artists’ Competition, and entries are invited from anywhere in the country.

The winners of these classes will be entitled to discounted places, excluding the residential cost, on the third week of Musicale in Harpenden, and also may be selected to perform in the Harpenden Music Festival, which runs in the same week as Musicale (providing the participants attend Summer Musicale)

Although informal, there will be a constructive atmosphere, with advice coming from our very own Gill Johnston. Gill is a very experienced adjudicator both at home and abroad, and you can read more about her below.

Taking Part

Everyone who takes part will receive a written report and a performance certificate, and there will be medals for the winners.

You have the freedom to choose your own programme, but please do not overrun the time limit!

An explanation of the entry levels for each class

Each Class will perform, and then Gill will speak to the performers giving helpful advice and encouragement on what she has just seen and heard.

After this, a prize will be awarded for the best performance in the class.

Everyone will leave we hope with a spring in their step and inspired to aim for greater heights in their playing.

Level 1Grades 1 and 2
Level 2Grades 3 and 4
Level 3Grades 5 and 6
Level 4Grades 7, 8 and Diploma

‘Enjoy your music making!’