Instrumental, Vocal
& Theory Training

in Harpenden.
You can study any instrument you want with the expert guidance of a specialist. Training sessions are in blocks of ten on a one to one basis, each session being 30 minutes. The cost for 10 sessions is £245.

We offer training in

Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, french horn, tenor horn, trumpet, cornet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, percussion, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, vocal training, classical and electric guitar. The Theory of Music is also offered.

Would you like to learn an instrument but you are not sure which one would suit you?

Ask to arrange a ‘taster’ session to try out all the different types of instruments we have available.

We Believe

Music-making is enjoyable and develops confidence, commitment and encourages a disciplined approach. It improves co-ordination and is linked to academic development bringing a sense of achievement. It also enhances performance skills, facilitates inclusion and opens up present and future opportunities.


Do you need an instrument?

Musicale offers a very affordable instrument trial and purchase scheme to help your kids find out if they would like to continue learning an instrument without the large outgoing costs.
  • Odyssey Debut OTR140

    Odyssey Debut OTR140

  • Odyssey-Debut-OAS-130

    Odyssey Debut OAS 130

  • OFL-100

    Odyssey Debut OFL100

  • OFL-100C

    Odyssey Premier OFL100C

  • Odyssey-Premier-OCL400

    Odyssey Premier OCL400

  • Odyssey OTB1500

    Odyssey OTB1500

  • Odyssey-Debut-OCR200

    Odyssey Debut OCR200

  • Selmer-Prelude-CR710

    Selmer Prelude CR710

  • Odyssey-Premier-OCL500

    Odyssey Premiere OCL500 (wooden clarinet)

  • Odyssey-Debut-OCL120

    Odyssey Debut OCL120

  • Jupiter-JCL-700S-Q

    Jupiter JCL-700S-Q

  • T-James-TJ10X3041CDEAW-Flute

    T James “TJ10X” 3041CDEAW

You can take advantage of our low-cost Instrument Trial and Purchase Scheme for brass and woodwind instruments and guitars. String instruments are available on a monthly hire basis.

What our clients say

Musicale has made music accessible and relevant to our children, but most importantly of all it has provided an environment where it is fun to learn and make music!- Rebecca Mitchell
I just wanted to let you know that Ruth had a fantastic time on the Young Artists course and loved attending all the concerts too. Thank you for organising for her to attend and for “firing her up” to play music during this coming year.- Clare Harding
Thank you for such a wonderful week at Musicale- I really enjoyed every aspect of the course, and everyone was so friendly and welcoming despite the fact that I was “new” and hadn't been coming for half of my life.- Izzy Cocker
Just wanted to get in touch to say Molly had an absolute ball at the summer course in July. She is really fired up and practising like mad. It is extremely worrying! I thought we had got away without any of our children showing any urges to go into the music world, but it seems we might have misjudged Molly.- Tony Robb
My daughters really love Musicale in Cambridge. It is an action packed week, serious music making, serious FUN as well as making new friends. I am amazed at the parent concert at the end of the week how many orchestral pieces the children have learnt as well as the songs and percussion pieces. The team that lead the week are fantastic, extremely talented and good fun. My older daughter (age 15) is off to Harpenden this year but my ten-year-old daughter is staying in Cambridge and taking a friend with her - they can't wait.- Sophie Stafford
Our son has been attending Musicale courses since he was 9 years old. He began at Guildford and as his playing progressed he joined the Harpenden family of boarders. The professional inspirational staff manage to teach to a high standard whilst keeping a sense of fun throughout. Friendships forged over the years between the students remain supportive and true.I would recommend these courses to any parent of a musical child.Our son turns 18 this year so it is his last as a student. He hopes to return as a helper in the future Well done Gill and Caroline for creating a wonderful institution.- Michele Lines-Davies

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