Orchestral Explorers (age 2-4)

A fantastic, interactive music group that introduces children from aged 2 – 4 years old to all of the instruments in the orchestra through live music, singing, conducting, games, instrument demonstrations, percussion, composing and mostly a lot of fun.

Clare and Lully are both parents of little tots as well as being professional musicians performing with top British orchestras and freelancing in shows and operas. Their entertaining personalities thoroughly engage both the children and adults for the 45 minute sessions. Each week has a different theme but the same structure allowing the children to become familiar with the sessions but excited by the range of props, instruments and music.

As musicians we understand how important a role music can play in a child’s development. Music stimulates many of our senses simultaneously, encourages creativity and imagination and starts to build strong connections in the brain to enhance memory, focus and language skills. Starting at this young age will provide a wonderful beginning to their musical journeys before heading off to Musicale’s Roundabouts and eventually individual tuition with our tutors.

£90 per term for 10 sessions of 45 minutes. Siblings are £50 per term. Babes in arms, up to 12 months, FREE to attend.

You can also Pay As You Go for £12 a session & £6 for siblings.

Fridays 9.45am
Fridays 10.45am
Fridays 1.30pm

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