Roundabouts @ Musicale

for 4 to 7 year olds

The aim of Roundabouts @ Musicale is to have fun while providing a secure basis enabling your child to enjoy a lifetime of instrumental music making!

1st Level

Percussion & Pitch

Saturdays 9am
Tuesdays 3.30pm


2nd Level

Recorders & Rhythm

Saturdays 9.30am
Tuesdays 4.00pm & 4.30pm


3rd Level

Violin & Advanced Recorder

Violin Club – Saturdays 12 noon
Advanced Recorder – Tuesdays 5pm


Percussion & Pitch

This course is for Nursery and Reception.

A child’s natural love of music is developed with children exploring music independently of their career.

At this stage, children enjoy musical games, activities and songs to develop and consolidate a sense of rhythm through listening and reading rhythmic notation.

Alongside this, they develop and reinforce their ability to sing in tune.

The children explore the sound qualities of a variety of percussion instruments, and how these can be used in a creative composition.

As with all effective development, the focus is on fun and enjoyment.

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Recorders & Rhythm

Activities continue to encourage a strong sense of rhythm and pulse. Children experience a sense of achievement and enjoyment both when playing alone and when making music as part of a group.

The ability to read rhythm and pitch using musical notation is continued and consolidated while performing on the recorder from written music.

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Violin & Advanced Recorder

While emphasising the enjoyment of playing alone and as a small group, children develop the skills to play accurately from written music and continue to develop their sense of pulse, rhythm and pitch.

A good technical foundation on the violin will enable the children to enjoy playing and make steady progress.

Instruments are provided by Musicale for one year.

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We run our holidays for the kids to enjoy and learn.
It’s a year’s practice in a week without noticing!