Roundabouts (age 4-7)

Our group Roundabouts classes, for 4-7 year olds, follow a well-structured programme taking children from the early years’ musical exploration of Orchestral Explorers to learning notation, rhythm and pitch on percussion, recorders and then violins. Roundabouts provides the important basic instruction that is key to beginning an instrument and with the variety of strings, wind and percussion it allows children the opportunity to know in which direction they would like to proceed once they reach the stage of heading off to individual lessons. There are 10 sessions of 30 minutes a term costing £84

Percussion & Pitch for Reception age

Children’s natural love of music is developed during our initial Roundabouts sessions  by beginning to explore music independently of their carer. In this first stage, children enjoy musical games, activities and songs to develop and consolidate a sense of rhythm and reading rhythmic notation. They develop and reinforce their ability to sing in tune and explore the sound qualities of a variety of percussion instruments, and how these can be used in creative composition. Pulse, rhythm, pitch, timbre and dynamics are introduced to the children over the course of the year through a variety of fun activities. Saturdays 9am Tuesdays 4.00pm

Recorders & Rhythm for Year 1

Children in Year 1 continue, or join, the Roundabouts programme with the recorder learning basic notation, rhythms and performance skills. In the summer term, the children change to the violin using the same notation and rhythm skills learnt in the first two terms and giving them the opportunity to experience a stringed instrument after playing a wind instrument. Students need to bring their own recorders which can be purchased from the Musicale Shop but violins are provided free of charge during their time in Roundabouts. Saturdays 9.30am Tuesdays 4.30pm

Violin Club

This club is the perfect way for Year 2 children to continue and build upon their initial skills in the violin whilst remaining sociable and fun! The students develop whilst continuing in a group situation that encourages and supports their learning in reading and performing music. The friendly atmosphere creates an environment that makes the children very receptive to new skills including listening techniques and sight-reading. Violins are provided free of charge whilst students attend Violin Club so that they can take them home and consolidate their learning skills. Students will need to bring their own music recommended by the course leader and available from the Musicale Shop. Saturdays 11am Tuesdays 5pm

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