Exam Centre

At Musicale we are a public venue for ABRSM and Trinity College London exams. We are also a private venue for LCME exams. Exam sessions happen each term.

Please note that we are not involved in the booking process for these exams, we are simply the venue.

For booking ABRSM exams please head to the ABRSM website. Please note that if the candidate has specific needs support can be found here.

For booking Trinity College London exams please head to their website.

For booking LCME exams please contact Katie Metcalfe via email.


Musicale has a free private car park for exam candidates and their accompanists.

On the Day of your exam

You will be welcomed to Musicale by the steward. If the steward is not at the front desk when you arrive it is likely they will be showing a candidate into an exam or a warm up room. Please wait in the foyer for them to return. The steward will take the candidate’s name and ask for ID for those taking grade 6 and above. Any candidate with additional needs must contact the exam board before the exam day. As a venue we cannot provide any extra materials or allow extra time on the exam day.

We have a waiting room for parents and guardians at Musicale. During busy periods you may be asked to wait in your car to avoid congestion.

We have a warm up room available for the candidates and their accompanists. Parents and guardians are not expected to attend the warm up session except in exceptional circumstances.

We are a busy music school and safeguarding our students is our priority.