Informal Solo Concerts

Date: Tuesday 11th June 2024

Time: 7pm

Venue: Musicale Hall

Cost: Free to attend. Sign up via your teacher and in the practice rooms.

Every term Musicale students are encouraged to perform in an informal concert in our hall. We provide an accompanist or the student’s teacher accompanies them in a solo piece or they can perform duets and chamber music that they have been working on.

It is a fantastic opportunity to practice performing in front of a very friendly audience. Everyone in the room is in full support of the students who can learn to control their nerves and gain enjoyment from performance experiences. It teaches the students performance etiquette as both participators and as audience members.

We would like our students to perform in at least one concert a year. These evenings are free to attend for performers’ families and usually involve a free drink on arrival!

We have experienced everything from nose bleeds to broken instruments during concerts as well as memory blocks and tears and all have been dealt with superbly by the performers. Every student has come away feeling exceptionally proud of their performance and are always keen to return to the stage after rapturous applause and a wonderful feeling of self-worth.